May 1, 2019

May: Water Safety Month

May is water safety month. Here’s what I realized after our toddler’s near drowning accident at a family member’s pool on a day that was meant to be happy.

Ever since Josie’s near drowning accident back in August, we’ve wondered the same thing over and over again.

Why us?

What made this happen to our family when we are ALWAYS so careful? When we are constantly watching our children. Not only that, but our entire family ALWAYS looks out for each other. It’s like we are a family of mommies running around and nothing ever gets past us.

Yet, something did.

And that something has changed our outlook on life. FOREVER.

Over the last two months, we’ve come to realize the answer to “why us”. I’m excited to share that with you very soon, (it’s a big surprise that we are so very thrilled about!) but until then, I wanted to begin May by telling you that it’s National Water Safety Month. I’ll be sharing some thoughts and tips all throughout the month. Tips I hope you will take in and keep in mind for many months. Forever, in fact.

But, just to get things started, want to know one thing that we realized?

We realized that a water accident can happen to anyone.


Water related accidents don’t discriminate. They happen to educated parents, country club families, penthouse parents, famous parents.

They happen in backyard ponds, bathtubs, neighborhood pools and even your own homes.

Drowning accidents even happen to parents who are Olympic swimmers.


The first thing I want YOU to also realize is this:


It can happen this afternoon. Next Monday. At a Fourth of July picnic. Or even at your father in law’s birthday party.

Don’t get all comfy with yourself and thinking that you are THE BEST OF PARENTS.

You are. You ARE the best of parents.

But so are we. And look what happened to us.

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