When you see how much time you have left,

I’ve been capturing those sweet moments of my own children and those of clients for over 14 years. I don’t want to lose these fleeting days and I don’t want you to, either. Photographing children and families is my heart’s love. Showing you just how wonderful the everyday life is? That’s my main goal during each session. From exhausting newborn days to the Golden Years, pulling out your ordinarily lovely is what I do best. 

you tend to reach more for the time you have now.

As a mother to four girls from toddler to teen, I see sweet time slipping by.

time is fleeting

isn't it?

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When my nearly 18 year old was born, I began writing. And when her little sister came along two years later, I started teaching myself photography and taking a handful of courses so that I could photograph their sweetness. I knew my words and stories about their lives was only so much; photographs were even more. I had to think of a way to freeze time, to stop them from growing so quickly. And that? Was photography. With just one press of the shutter I was able to keep those hand dimples closer to my heart forever. I could remember more vividly that little curl in the middle of her forehead. The messy faces and missing teeth would go on for years. 


when it all

When our youngest was 2, we found her face down in a family member’s pool. Unresponsive. Gray and listless. Her little curls stuck all across her toddler face. My yelling couldn’t bring her back. My begging wouldn’t make her wake. After a bit, she did return to us. She somehow, by the grace of God, came back to us that day. Her daddy clinging to her soaked half-dressed body. I knew, we all knew, that on that day we were changed forever. Of course, people say that well known cliche so often, but I can assure you we were most certainly never the same. I look at her life, and the lives of my other children much differently now. I take even more time to notice the little things. To pull out my camera and film them playing, giggling, running through the sprinklers on a hot day. I notice their chipped nail polish and dirty faces even more and I never, ever, want to let that slip by. 

I’d love to take time with your family

and show you just how wonderful your moments are.

Parents are so very busy these days and before you know it? Those skinned knees are now nearly touching the steering wheel in your Honda mini van. When you lie your head down at night? Are you thinking of all the moments that are zipping by so quickly? Are you hoping to freeze time? I’d love to help you do just that. 

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Karin ~ past client

Melissa has a beautiful way of capturing the true essence of each person she photographs. She has the most amazing talent as evidence by every photo she takes. What really makes her so special is the way she endears herself to the families and the thoughtful relationships she builds instantly with each person involved. She is able to find a special moment in each *click* and I have been so thrilled with every photo she has taken of my family. I am forever grateful for the special moments she has created with us and the amazing moments that we will treasure for a lifetime.

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