The hardest part of being a parent?

The bittersweet feeling of wanting her to stay little, yet adoring the person she is becoming. 

As your photographer, I can help you stop these quick-moving moments and give you something to hold on to forever. Moments you can see. Feelings you can hang on your walls. 

Watching them grow so quickly.

The changing. The missing.

Oh hey there, friend!

It’s great to see you here and I thank you for stopping by. Perhaps you’ve clicked through because you’re aware of how important it is to document the small and lovely things in life. As a mom of four, a photographer and writer, I am also aware of fleeting moments. I’ve made it my goal in life to do my best to remember sweet moments through photographs. I’d love to help you remember yours, too.

Want to learn more about how this goal of mine came to be and how I can help you reach yours? 

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As a parent, life often doesn’t slow down for us to take in the everyday beauty that’s all around us. That gap-toothed smile and those fresh dimples. The way her hair is adorably tousled after her nap. That’s where I come in. As a mom myself, I know exactly how to preserve those sweet moments in photos. Let’s relish the joys of these days with our little ones. 

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His giggle. Her toddle. Their silly moments in the front yard and those little voices calling out ‘mama’. The way daddy swings her around and dances in the kitchen. Those delightful times will vanish as quickly as they came. Let’s discuss a family film session and how you can preserve, and share with the world, the sweetest moments of your extraordinarily amazing life together. What if I told you that you can hold on to these little details forever? 

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So you say it’s time for senior portraits? Of course, your school requires the traditional drape photo for the yearbook along with the cap and gown image. But! What about the real you? You don’t normally walk around in a velvet drape or half of a tuxt, do you? Of course not! Senior year is all about celebrating YOU. Why not have senior portraits to reflect that? A session with me is fun and laid back resulting in mages that show your personality and uniqueness. I’m an absolute whiz at finding out what’s important to you and pulling that out in the end result. Plus? We'll have a great time doing it. 

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Elizabeth B.

Melissa was sweet and gentle with all of the kids, and she captured each one of their personalities so well. Her work is artistic and timeless. We had a blast working together.


Melissa is so talented and great with our girls. Her editing is flawless which makes choosing our proofs so difficult and she captures the beauty of our family without it feeling staged. Without a doubt, one of the best! 

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My style is clean, authentic and candid. Those timeless moments frozen in time. But because those big cheesy grins towards the camera always make parents happy, you'll also see posed images thrown in the mix. What you see in my portfolio are perfect examples of moments that I love and the faces that my clients adore. So let’s go ahead and have a peek. 

Here are my, and my clients', most favorite images.

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Here’s where you can see how I capture my own girls’ lives, in short, often silly, stories and images. I talk quite a bit about my Big Mom Failures (do you have a Mom of the Year trophy shelf, too?!), water safety, life with teens + toddlers and sometimes client work, too. Taking a look at my blog will give you a really great idea of my goofy personality and why all the kids love me so. The blog also shows you my serious side and how fiercely I love these people in my life.

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Many of my stories (and I’ll be honest sometimes rants, too) have been featured on Scary Mommy. 

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