Micaiah | Milton Georgia Senior Photographer

How do I only get the sweetest, most adorable senior clients in North Fulton?!

How I ask?!?

I’ve known Micaiah for many years now. We first met when my husband and I were in a small group through North Point Community Church. I loved, loved, loved her parents since we first saw them at a neighborhood pool party; so sweet, kind, thoughtful and generous.

And guess what? The apple didn’t fall far with this one. Micaiah rode with me to the session since we live in the same neighborhood and our location was about 45 minutes away. I’m not sure what was more enjoyable, chatting and giggling in the car to and from? Or giggling and walking around during the session. Or maybe it was the stop for ice cream on the way home.

Likely it was the chatting and the ice cream.

I can pinky promise you that this kid right here will do AMAZING things. She has a huge love for God and people, so personable and easy to talk to. Micaiah has plans of heading to college after graduation with hopes of working in counseling.

Julian and Whitney? You two have NAILED it with this one. What an excellent job you’ve done raising this sweet girl.

Hooray for Micaiah and the Cambridge High School class of 2022!

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  1. These are just so beautiful!!!

  2. Alice Phillips says:

    As a mother and Grandmother of Whitney and Micaiah, I loved your comments and agree( maybe I might be prejudice) completely!