5 reasons why I don’t answer your call

So, I don’t have a REAL job. The one where someone actually GIVES ME money for going somewhere other than “here” and doing a task.

And yes, I AM at home during the day. A LOT. I even have someone bring the groceries. And sometimes people drop off dinner.

Pffft. I pay for it. It’s not like I’m taking Dinner Donations or anything.

There’s just so many other things to do “here” and I don’t have to wear real pants to do it.

“And why don’t you answer the phone when it rings?”

“I mean. If you’re HOME so much and don’t have a “JOB”?”

(disclaimer: the ONLY calls I answer are Tony’s and my mom’s (although 50% of the time I don’t answer my mom’s….. sorry mom!)

Okay. So you want it listed out then? Here goes:


  1. I’m in the bathroom. Okay. Yes, as a matter of fact I DO have my phone with me. Who doesn’t? But this is my teeny tiny bit of time to myself.
  2. My toddler is doing my hair/we’re reading/playing outside/building with blocks/you get the idea.
  3. It’s way too loud in here to talk. The little person that lives here likes to get her point across LOUDLY. And she’s quite stubborn so lately she spends a bit of time scream-crying about wanting a waffle, but not wanting a waffle.
  4. I’m driving people places. Willy nilly. Hither and yon. Round and back. Back and forth. Whatever you want to call it? I’m driving there. Between the hours of 3:30 and 8:15 I am picking up and dropping off. From practices, to games, to friends’ houses, to appointments. That is my afternoon six out of seven days. During these car moments, we are talking about our days and friends and schoolwork. So, I just can’t answer a call then.
  5. and probably the BEST reason…….. I don’t use my phone for that.

So no, although I’m a SAHM, I just can’t take your call right now.

It’s crazy up in here.

Just call me back in 16 years, if you don’t mind.

Or? You can text me and I’ll reply in three days.

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  1. Jen Oseid says:

    Thank you for not answering your phone in the bathroom.